DENAS news

New device NeuroDENS-Cardio

We launched manufacture of NeroDENS-Cardio device - new generation of DENAS-Cardio


The programs are designed to affect the biologically active zones (BASES), which are paired. The device can be used on any limb, according to the selected program, at the request of the user.
Exposure is carried out in a stable way (without moving the device through the body).
For the convenience of the procedures, the frequencies are grouped into four programs.
• Program 1 is basic and is used in any variant of increasing blood PRESSURE (systolic, diastolic, labile).
Programs 2, 3, 4 are optional and apply depending on the specific situation of the patient:
• Program 2: with a tendency to increase diastolic pressure (90 mm Hg. art. and above) and with a tendency to swelling (on the face and / or lower limbs);
• Program 3: in patients with unstable (labile) blood PRESSURE, as well as with increased blood PRESSURE on the background of endocrine diseases (diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, etc.);
• Program 4: in patients whose blood PRESSURE increases against the background of psycho-emotional stress (stress) or increased pressure is accompanied by a pronounced emotional reaction (anxiety, fear of anxiety).
Each program consists of three phases, which differ in frequency, time and amplitude of impact.