The Healing therapeutic multilayer blanket "SCENAR" helps to rejuvenate and strengthen your bodies defenses. It's easy to use - wrap into the therapeutic blanket regularly. No batteries or wires are needed.
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Neuron-like microcurrent SCENAR impulses
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"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"
— Nikola Tesla
How is it used?

A person may lie in, under or on top of the SCENAR Blanket or use it to wrap up a treatment zone. You may sit, recline or lie fully horizontal. People may find it beneficial to completely cover oneself from head to toes. Alternatively the head may be left exposed and also the feet exposed, which sometimes grow warm initially under the blanket.

The blanket may be focused on specific treatment zones, like the chest, or injury treatment zones. For example, with back ache, place the corner of the blanket over the painful area or lie down with painful areas on the Energy Blanket.

Non-active surface of the Therapy Blanket has a label (the side with the label goes outside). The Blanket should be placed in a Duvet cover (cotton or silk) which can be cleaned.

Patients can put a cotton or silk sheet inside the blanket and it is best if this sheet is not washed during the course of treatment. It is also suggested to lay in the blanket with a minimum of synthetic clothes on - 100% cotton clothing is suggested.
How does it work?

The Healing Blanket supports speedy rehabilitation. Based on original work by Wilhelm Reich, the SCENAR Therapy Blanket was developed to help to induce the body and mind to rest, recover and rejuvenate. Orgone energy was the term coined by Reich referring to the subtle body bioenergy that is part of our manifold being, which gets depleted or disordered because of internal and external influences. The Energy Blanket works essentially by helping the body to energetically re-integrate itself. It is widely used and recommended together with DENAS/SCENAR Therapy treatments

The SCENAR Blanket is designed to help you to quickly regain and balance your energies in a relaxed and harmonious way.
Theory of how the SCENAR Blanket works?
The effects of the blanket are thought to be achieved through the reflection of the patient's own infrared and extra-high frequency emissions back onto their body. Specially designed film membranes inside the blanket prevent the body's electromagnetic emissions from dissipating outwards. These same layers also convert these emissions from the body and reflect them back onto the body. The reflected emissions may have the effect of redistributing the charge density on the skin and exerting positive action on the biologically active points of the body surface.
Infrared radiation, reflected back onto the body, is absorbed by the tissue fluids and is converted to thermal energy. Thermal energy causes a hyperemic vascular response as a direct thermal action on the thermal receptors whose impulses to the Central Nervous System trigger the appropriate thermo-regulative mechanisms in the body. The short wave IR radiation may also cause a weak photochemical and photoelectrical effect, which alters skin sensitivity by increasing tactile sensations and decreasing pain sensations.

The infrared irradiation may also improve the metabolism of substances, accelerate gas exchange and the oxygenation process, and speed up the vital activity in tissues. The pain relieving effect is thought to be brought about through altering the receptor sensitivity.

The Healing Blanket "SCENAR" is reported to help patients establish proper regulation of their psycho-emotional and physiological functions and so is used there to enhance the preventative care, treatment and subsequent recovery in a wide range of disorders including chronic fatigue and emotional upheavals.

Maximum effects are achieved when the patient is wrapped completely from head to toe and sleeps.
How does it feel?

The first thing one feels when being wrapped in the blanket is complete and pleasant protection. External electro-magnetic and electro-static influences are blocked and reflected away. Then one may be aware of subtle shifts as the blanket reflects back the body's own infrared and ultra-hi frequencies. One may feel a period of warmth focused in a part of the body, that usually passes within minutes. One also may experience a sense of inner peace and quiet that leads towards a state of repose something like a meditation. It is recommended that one sleeps within the blanket and this may be from 10 minutes to a few hours. Usually, if the person sleeps completely covered from head to toe, one awakes with a definite sense of completion. Often a short period from 10 to 90 minutes accomplishes this result however very unwell people may wish to sleep in the blanket for up to 24 hours, or longer.
How to use the Healing Blanket?

The label should be on the external side of the Healing Blanket when used. Each treatment session usually takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes and may be used 3 times daily. For longer periods, we found that the blanket will "inform" you when you have been in long enough. Usually people report having a definite feeling of completion and then want to get out of it. Sometimes this may only take as little as 10 minutes, sometimes 24 hours plus.
Use of Healing Blanket with SCENAR, DENAS devices and other treatments

When the Healing blanket is used after therapy, it may help support the body to more rapidly re-balance and integrate the treatment. If the blanket is used before SCENAR/DENAS (microcurrent therapy devices) treatment, it may help to prepare the body for treatment. The Healing Blanket may help to prolong the action of therapies and medicines. Globally, the blanket is used in support for a wide range of conditions including psycho-emotional regulation, sleep pattern improvement and to reduce stress. The Healing Blanket may also help to regulate psychosomatic conditions, relieve constant tiredness and improve feelings of wellbeing. The Healing Blanket seems to be particularly well received by both the very young and the very old people
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