"DENAS MS" Corp. - manufacturer of DENAS Micro-Current therapy devices based on russian high-tech "SCENAR" technology.
Become Therapist for yourself, trust treatment to your own body! The main principle of DENAS-family devices: The device recovers lost connections between central nervous system and internal organs, launching process of self-healing in the human body.
DENAS/SCENAR electrode
Neuron-like microcurrent SCENAR impulses
Response of the body to altered signals
Altered signal
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Pain relief pocket size device + modes for treating several dozen of health issues
Updated version (2023) of the time-proven DENAS-PCM-6
26 ready-to-use programmes for express treatment
The function "Therapeutic mode constructor" allows you to create your own programmes on which the device will work - choose the time of operation of a certain frequency, change frequencies, etc.
Self-adhesive electrodes - included
Easier to use and more comfortable in the hand
Ideal for therapy at home, work or on the go
No special medical training needed
Officially recommended by the Russian Ministry of Health for pain relief, therapy of high blood pressure, local inflammations etc.
Printed English manual included
Affordable limited time price - US$220
SCENAR Sport D (Basic)
Legendary device from the original inventors of scenar technology
One type of diagnostic function, five modes of action and and frequency range.
  • 340 Hz is best suited for anaesthesia. It is most effective for aesthetic facial treatments.
  • 14 Hz - most favourable at the beginning of the course of treatment of chronic diseases. It is also used when working with children.
  • 60 and 90 Hz are standard, they are constantly used in SCENAR-therapy methods and can be varied.
Amplitude Modulation (AM) mode - stimulates muscle contractions, which reduces swelling and increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In combination with low and high frequencies (from 14 and at least 340 Hz) is effective in cosmetology, when applying certain techniques.
Oscillating Frequency (FM) mode - includes a continuous stream of different frequencies, which enhances the SCENAR effect when working on the active zone.
Affordable price - US$320
48 electrodes for back pain and treatment different health issues
5 automated programs
"Traveling wave" mode
Easy to use, compact, portable, effective - ideal for therapists at clinics and even for home users.
Device for drug-free treatment of hypertension with clinic proven results
Drug free therapy of hypertension (High Blood Pressure) or hypotension.
Clinical researches and studies that have provided proven results with Neuro DENAS Cardio up to 77% effectiveness in high blood pressure treatment.
Easy to use, compact, portable - ideal for therapy at home
No special medical training needed
4th generation of DENAS-Cardio device with 4 programs for different types of hypertension/hypotension.
Officially recommended by the Russian Ministry of Health for therapy of hypertension
Price US$150
Healing Multilayer Blanket "SCENAR"
is designed to help you to quickly regain and balance your energies in a relaxed and harmonious way
The Healing Blanket reported to help people to establish proper regulation and recovery in a wide range of disorders including chronic fatique and emotional upheavals.

✓ The layers of the blanket reflect the emissions from the body and back onto it
✓ It is thought that these reflected emissions may exert positive thermal, self-regulatory and energetic action on the key points of the body. (Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich)
✓ The infrared irradiation may also improve the matabolism of substances, accelerating gas exchange and the oxygenation process.
✓ Speeds up the vital activity in tissues
✓ Relief from pain from the reflected energy and warmth altering the receptor sensitivity.

Accessories for DENAS-PCM/SCENAR devices
for more comfort and effectiveness treatment during denas/scenar sessions
Magnetotherapy devices
Customer's reviews:
  • Best price and best professional SCENAR type device on the market.
    I am a health coach using microcurrent and DENAS-PCM-6 with clients and I have been testing the screening daily over the last 6 months to see how my energy levels fluctuate. This diagnostic feature alone is worth the price.The asphyxia program helps my asthma.😏
    Check my FB/YT eBodyFUSION profiles if you're interested in training and getting results reliably.
    Benedick Howard
    Health Coach at eBodyFUSION.com
  • The DiaDENS-PCM is the most comprehensive and affordable "SCENAR" on the market today. I've had my PCM for three months now and it's simply wonderful at treating a broad range of conditions. Benedick offers a full spectrum of in depth SCENAR training in English. His eBodyFUSION course is highly recommended for anybody that wants to learn how to use these amazing devices to their full potential. Martin C, Cape Town, South Africa. Beam me up Scotty!
    Martin Claxton
    entrepreneur from South Africa
  • I have had some wonderful reports from treatments so I would like to know if I can order more! I know I was somewhat skeptical with all the claims that it touted, but after having used it on one of my critical clients, it made a very huge difference in just one application. With that one person I was sold!
    Dr. Heidi C.
  • "Everyone wants to use devices to replace drugs, every cell in the body is within shouting distance of sensory neurons, so in principle bioelectronics have great potential."
    Kevin Tracey

    president of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research on New York's Long Island.
  • Unconspicuous miracle. Being very sceptical, I almost bought the Denas PCM-6 against my will. In fact, I first bought a pair of Denas glasses only to find out that they could not work without the device itself. I then hesitated for about a month for I could not really believe that it would do all that was advertised. But when I finally bought it I was quickly in for a treatment! This is a very helpful device! As I practice some heavy weightlifting/bodybuilding with routines in excess of 350 tons/month and am over 60 years old, I regularly experience pain in tendons and other support structures (oh, these elbows and shoulders..). I first tried it on my right wrist without expecting significant results. Boy, I was surprised! After only three 10 minutes applications of 77 Hz frequency on the painful spot the problem was 90% gone. Today I can again make long series on the Scott bench and with the wrist folded inward (in supination). Before it was absolutely impossible because of the pain in my wrist. I obtained similar results on all other sore spots of my body. Only my sight has not recovered 100% yet but I already can drive without glasses. I use the device several times a day, every single day. Yeah. Give it definitely a try if you can. I do not think you will be sorry. P.S.: In the meantime I also bought a set of Denas applicators and Denas Vertebra 2, which is a wonderful device in a class of its own. I also ordered a NEURODENS-Cardio Blood Pressure Correction Device a couple of days ago. I will possibly leave a comment about it later.
    scenardenas.com customer
  • The future of holistic medicine therapy is here. It is called the DENAS PCM-6.
    This is the future of internal holistic medicine. To repair existing health problems or prevent new ones, this is the "Star Trek" device for health. Love this product, I use it to increase my circulation and get rid of pain. Pain is a thing that affects many people. Now you don't have to suffer, if you don't want to.
    scenardenas.com customer
  • I developed an inflamed piriformis muscle pressing on my sciatic nerve. I could barely lift my right leg to put on pants or get in the driver's side of the car. Since using the hand unit and electrodes I now have 95% return function in that leg. I also had a serious knee injury on that same leg thirty years ago. And now the DENAS-PCM-6 unit is helping me to get rid of the scar tissue and even give more flexibility in that knee. Another incident happened while walking my Yorkie to GYM. A neighbor's Bulldog charged with us and knocked us both all down off the curb on to the street. The next day my right leg and knee were so stiff and sore I could barely walk. Within just two days of using the de DENAS unit and electrodes, the flexibility of the leg came back like nothing happened. It was amazing.
    Marjorie Oberlander
    California, USA
  • Even though it is out of character for me to give a testimonial I clap gladly do so because of my experience and experience of my husband and friends. My name is Molly and I'm a missionary living in Singapore. My brother gave me the DENAS-PCM-6 over a year ago. It is one of the best gifts I've ever received. Personally, the DENAS-PCM-6 remarkably turned around a twisted ankle for me and is helping my right hand that has been overworked for decades. Just to mention two of the many ways it has been useful for me. The DENAS-PCM-6 up the pain away from my husband's forearm after a very hard fall aiding an unexpected rapid recovery for him. My friends have had been helped as well and as the DENAS alleviated those chronic pain in the knees and back pain. It is one thing to own a remarkable device such as the PCM-6 but quite another thing to know of all of its possibilities and how to use it. In this regard the support of this project has been fabulous. Coach Jimmy K has personally trained me. I have highly recommended the DENAS-PCM-6 to my family and friends and I also recommend it to you.
    Molly Farlow
    Missionary, Sangapore
  • I have used the DENAS-PCM, with the DENAS-Applicator multiple times on my back, shoulders and legs. I get amazing results in loosening my tight and exhausted muscles. I enjoy the relaxed feeling I get from using the device, and I sleep much more peacefully and deeply at night. I use it for everything!
    Kellie Bingham
  • I have had a problem with my allergies for years, and after a few minutes with the DENAS-PCM device I am able to breath again, this thing works!
    Utah, USA
  • For years I've been having problems with my back.
    Sometimes, the pain was unbearable. It affected every part of my life and to tell you the truth I was starting to become desperate. No doctors, acupunctures, chiropractors were able to help me. A friend of mine suggested I try DENAS. He used to work in a medical office and saw some real results delivered by this tool. After much research I decided to buy a DENAS and that DENS-applicator which was extremely convenient to use on my back. In about one month my constant pain went away and I was just the happiest man. I still had some discomfort and occasional pain but with consistent therapy I eventually got rid of those too.
    Later I bought the point probe for my DENAS, it's an accessory to reach for really tight spots or if you need to work on a specific small area. I also purchased DENAS glasses and they really helped me with my vision. My eyesight was improved and my eyes don't feel tired any more. I can confirm that DENAS really works and it's been a lifesaver for me!
    Jim Hughes
    Portland, OR, USA
  • I have no health insurance, I'm a single mom and I have to work a lot to keep my kids from starving and put them through the school. I had a real problem with my knee recently. It was hurting a lot. Pain was so unbearable that I even thought about quitting my job, even though it's a suicide. I did a research online and of the best options was this medicinal device DiaDENS-T that I bought. It came in quickly and I started the treatment immediately. My pain was gone in couple of days and I could get back to work. After about a month my knee was completely fine, swelling as well as pain were gone and my overall condition significantly improved! I'm so glad I bought DiaDENS-T
    Maria Webb
    Dayton, OH, USA
  • For a long time I had a spinal hernia. I don't have any medical insurance and I couldn't get any good medical help to fix it. Several years I suffered from terrible pain and limited mobility. I was desperate; I thought I would die like that. I was researching some alternative options on the internet when I found DENS-Applicator. It took me less than a month to get rid of my crotches. It has been great relieving my pain almost immediately. I was able to clear up my hernia within two months and I feel great. I've recovered completely and now I enjoy long walks on our great hiking trails in Rocky Mountains. This is a miracle tool!"
    Jeff Gordon
    Grand Lake, CO, USA
  • I had a terrible car accident in which I broke both my legs. I was a cripple, suffering from horrible pain. I had trouble healing, one of my legs just wouldn't heal up. I couldn't move at all. My son came to visit me and brought that DENAS with him. He worked that magic tool on my legs and things quickly took a positive turn. Within a couple of days the pain was gone and swelling was reduced. He had to fly back home, but he left me his DENAS and I kept treating my leg. After a month, I was able to use my leg and go into rehab. I ordered my DENAS and kept using it. After a year, I'm jogging again, I don't have any pain and even my high blood pressure problem has been fixed! I feel like a 20 year old boy again!
    Kirk Douglas
    Colorado Springs, CO, USA
  • I have had asthma for more than 10 years now and I can't live without my medication. I used my inhaler about 4 times a day and it was putting me under extreme financial stress. They are 110$ a pop and doesn't last long. With kids to raise and bills to pay it was just too much. I've seen the DENAS ads online and I decided to check it out. After reading couple of stories from people who treated their asthma, I bought my own DiaDENS-DT. After ten days of treatment I only had to use my inhaler once a day. After a month I almost got rid of asthma, there are still times when it is difficult for me to breathe, but only under extreme circumstances. I'm continuing treatment and I hope that I will be able to beat my asthma completely!
    Joan Wilder
    Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • DENAS-PCM-6 was recommended by a trusted friend. After hearing his pain relief story, I called Jimmy K. I had been suffering from pain that shoots across my right hip and into my groin, that no doctors or tests could help me with. WoW is all I can say ... a miracle! It took a few sessions but all pain was gone, and if it does flair up again I just do another treatment. I also use it for a bunion on my left big toe and fibroids on my left breast. Pain and swelling gone! I, of course, highly recommend that you call Jimmy K. a super great guy who is so knowledgeable, he will explain everything you need to know.
    Much aloha from Valerie in Lahaina, Maui , Hawaii
    Valerie Kauffman
    buyer of our partner coach Jimmy K.
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Recent news
    About "DENAS MS" corporation.
    For 24 years we have been designing and producing products for health.
    2,5 millions of people all over the world chose our DENAS devices to improve their health. DENAS products won many awards at medical exhibitions.

    Below - some of our awards:
    November 2015. Federal level award of the title of laureate of the contest "100 best goods of Russia".
    October 2015. Successful audit from MDC (Stuttgart), confirmation of ISO 13485, ISO 9001 certificates.
    July 2015. "DENAS" successfully passed the certification of the quality management system for compliance with the military standard (GOST RV 0015-002-2012);
    March 2014. "DENAS" - the winner of the annual national award "Company No. 1" in the field of production and development of devices for physiotherapy, with the award of the honorary title "Reliable business partner";

    Euro certificates for products, DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certificates. "DENAS" corporation is one of the leaders in Russian medical market of devices for health. We produce and distribute high quality devices that based on famous "SCENAR Technology" - DENAS and NeuroDENS.

    We have all necessary European, Russian and other certificates. Manufacture approved by European quality standard "ISO 9001". We continue to expand market and now have distributors in different countries: USA, Australia, Canada and others (see list of some our distributors).

    It should be noted that In Russia DENS Therapy (which carries out with DENAS and NeuroDENS devices) is a part of the mainstream medicine and it is registered by the Russian Ministry of Health as an official independent method of treatment. It is taught in medical colleges as a separate discipline and may be pursued by students as a major professional specialization.

    "DENAS" corporation guarantees 100% quality of products as it has it's own medical and veterinary research centers, production facility and other different departments.
    Our head office and official dealers.
    Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
    DENAS Head office, Russia
    Postovsky st. 15, Ekaterinburg, Russia
    +7 932 612 06 30,
    whatsapp +7 995 191 31 26
    865 NE Tomahawk Island Dr. #222 Portland, OR 97217
    DENAS Coach Jimmy K.
    +1 503 395-4142