Therapy (Healing) Multilayer Blanket

The Healing Blanket reported to help people to establish proper regulation and recovery in a wide range of disorders including chronic fatigue and emotional upheavals.

  • The layers of the blanket reflect the emissions from the body and back onto it
It is thought that these reflected emissions may exert positive thermal, self-regulatory and energetic action on the key points of the body. (Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich)
  • The infrared irradiation may also improve the matabolism of substances, accelerating gas exchange and the oxygenation process.
  • Speeds up the vital activity in tissues.
  • Relief from pain from the reflected energy and warmth altering the receptor sensitivity.
Effects of the Healing Blanket
The first thing one feels when being wrapped in the blanket is complete and pleasant protection. One also may experience a sense of inner peace and quiet that leads towards a state of repose something like a meditation.
Using the Healing Blanket
Each session usually takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes and may be used as regularly as desired. For longer periods, we found that the blanket will “inform” you when you have had enough.
Using the Healing Blanket with SCENAR/DENAS devices
When the blanket is used after therapy, it may help support the body to more rapidly recover, re-balance and integrate the treatment.

Weight: 2200 g